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Sizzle of the Week – Darian Barnes

Sizzle of the Week – Darian Barnes

All About the “D”

Darian Barnes is featured as Kontrol Magazines Sizzle of the week! Follow us as we get up close and personal with Model and actor Darian Barnes. Believe me when I say things get really HOT!!! You don’t wanna miss this.

Darian Barnes


Mo:  What’s the sexiest feature about you?  I would probably say my sexiest feature is my personality.

Darian Barnes: To know me is to love me lol

Mo: Do you prefer books or audio books? Well these days I prefer audio books.

Darian Barnes: They allow me to multitask while still retaining the information I need. 

Mo: Favorite fantasy?

Darian Barnes: My favorite fantasy takes place on a balcony overlooking the ocean around dusk where the blue tends to bounce off of white walls. There’s fruit, handcuffs, oversized feathers, a soft hum of reggae, Disaronno on the nightstand, and a tripod in front of the balcony bed. Need I say more..

Mo: What’s your go to flirt tactic?

Darian Barnes:  Idk, if I would say “go to” but my most natural flirt tactic is me biting my lip. Most times I don’t even realize I’m doing it.

Mo: Do you prefer comedy, romance, or action films?

Darian Barnes: I honestly prefer romantic comedies. I love to laugh at anything that’s funny, but there’s nothing that makes me tear up like a good love story. 

Darian Barnes

Mo: What are your Guilty pleasures?

Darian Barnes: My guilty pleasures are Food and Affection. I’m secretly a 400 pound man and no one knows it. Food makes me happy, period. As for affection, well, most men probably won’t admit it but whenever I’m dating I love to be babied. Rub my back, play in my hair, kiss me randomly… baby tf outta me! I’ll eat all that ish up lol! 

Mo: Do you sleep fully clothed or in the nude?

Darian Barnes: I think there is no other way to sleep but nude. Let’s argue. 

Mo: How can someone get your attention?

Darian Barnes: The best way to get my attention is to be DIRECT. I have short patience for small talk. 

Mo: Describe your worst date in 6 words or less?

Darian Barnes: She couldn’t have brushed her teeth. 

Mo: If you had to describe you as a car, what would you be?

Darian Barnes:  If I was a car I would consider myself a Tesla. A Tesla has balance. Attractive but not too flashy. I would say i possess class but I also have a definitive wild side. The way a Tesla is undeniably fuel efficient but can still be driven like a sports car. 

Darian Barnes


Instagram: d_barnes


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