Sizzle of the Week-Darian “D” Barnes

All About the “D”

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  • What’s the sexiest feature about you?  I would probably say my sexiest feature is my personality. To know me is to love me lol
  • Do you prefer books or audio books? Well these days I prefer audio books. They allow me to multitask while still retaining the information I need. 
  • Favorite fantasy? My favorite fantasy takes place on a balcony overlooking the ocean around dusk where the blue tends to bounce off of white walls. There’s fruit, handcuffs, oversized feathers, a soft hum of reggae, Disaronno on the nightstand, and a tripod in front of the balcony bed. Need I say more..
  • What’s your go to flirt tactic?  Idk, if I would say “go to” but my most natural flirt tactic is me biting my lip. Most times I don’t even realize I’m doing it.
  • Do you prefer comedy, romance, or action films? I honestly prefer romantic comedies. I love to laugh at anything that’s funny, but there’s nothing that makes me tear up like a good love story. 

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  • What are your Guilty pleasures? My guilty pleasures are Food and Affection. I’m secretly a 400 pound man and no one knows it. Food makes me happy, period. As for affection, well, most men probably won’t admit it but whenever I’m dating I love to be babied. Rub my back, play in my hair, kiss me randomly… baby tf outta me! I’ll eat all that ish up lol! 
  • Do you sleep fully clothed or in the nude? I think there is no other way to sleep but nude. Let’s argue. 
  • How can someone get your attention? The best way to get my attention is to be DIRECT. I have short patience for small talk. 
  • Describe your worst date in 6 words or less? She couldn’t have brushed her teeth. 
  • If you had to describe you as a car, what would you be? If I was a car I would consider myself a Tesla. A Tesla has balance. Attractive but not too flashy. I would say i possess class but I also have a definitive wild side. The way a Tesla is undeniably fuel efficient but can still be driven like a sports car. 

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