Sizzle of the Week- MarQuita Elam

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  • What’s the sexiest feature about you? The sexiest feature about me is my stomach.
  • Do you prefer books or audio books? I prefer audio books. 
  • Favorite fantasy? My favorite fantasy is joining the Mile High club. 
  • What’s your go to flirt tactic? Eye contact, these eyes get them every time. 
  • Do you prefer comedy, romance, or action films? I prefer comedy. 
  • What are your Guilty pleasures? My guilty pleasure is a fine glass of wine.
  • Do you sleep fully clothed or in the nude? Im a t-shirt no panties type of chick.

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  • How can someone get your attention? It’s all about energy some people just vibrate at a higher frequency, therefore my focus is to constantly raise my vibrations to attract love and light! 
  • Describe your worst date in 6 words or less? Too many Patron shots!     
  • If you had to describe you as a car, what would you be? Little Red Corvette

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IG: Marquita_models

Mo Clark-Brewster

Originally from Tennessee, Mo relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue a career in media and entertainment. Mo has been casted in several small roles for YouTube and Amazon Prime Series. Interests include; acting, reading, writing, and being a media correspondent.

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