Sizzling Nails Colors Trending This Summer

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Ladies, it’s summa summa summa time, and it is most definitely time to sit back and unwind and get your nails done! So you can be fancy and have your nails done, hair done, everything did! It’s like a breath of fresh air when you go to the salon or nail place and get all done up! Summer time is the time for short shorts and flip flops, for sandals and sundresses, for sunglasses and sun hats. Summer is the time for ladies night’s and vacations or retreats to the beach. But first before you do all of that you have got to get those nails done. Especially your toes. A nice pedicure would do just fine. The only problem you’ll probably have us picky out those pesky colors.

Picking out colors is probably the most stressful part of you nail salon visit! There are so many choices. You like so many colors. You have your go to color, but you want to try something different this time! You may want to match a specific outfit or not match at all. You may want designs or just for the color to speak for itself. It’s just so hard at times! I know your pain ladies! Maybe this list of trending colors for this summer season will make things a little easier for you though!







Hot Pink


Neon Green

Cobalt Blue





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