Don’t Worry About SK8 ‘Cause He ‘Aint Worried’ About It

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Photo Credit: Cheryl Fox

Rap-Singer SK8, also known as Skate Maloley, recently released the visuals for his single “Ain’t Worried”. The song is featured on his latest full-length album mixtape Late 2 Da Party. Ever since SK8 dropped the project at the end of last year, it has seen international success.

In the video, carefree SK8 is literally on to of the world. Or at least a beautiful ridge overlooking the ocean. Meanwhile, he’s enjoying his life doing what he wants in his own house and riding around in exotic cars. Obviously, cash flow isn’t a problem for the 22-year-old artist.

“Aint Worried” is a song about living for today and worrying about everything else about it later. When you’re young and having fun, people always try to tell you about things that may or may not impact your future. But, who’s worried about tomorrow when the opportunities of today have to be seized.

For seven years, SK8 has been working on his music and his craft. However, for the last four years, he’s released four full-length album mixtapes: Twenty-FifteenMaloskiSkaterade, and Late 2 The Party. Over time he’s established a large social media presence, making him an influencer.

Last year he was able to perform on his first-ever headlining tour to promote his mixtape Skaterade. The tour consisted of 300-550 cap venues which took place in 15 U.S. cities including Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and his hometown of Omaha. This year, he performed at Big Bear Mountain as the headliner for their annual Spring Break Concert and The 420 Rally in Denver. Eventually, SK8 was able to share stages with Rae Sremmurd, A-Boogie Wit The HoodieLil Wayne, and more.

His most recent project Late 2 The Party has charted worldwide for top 10 slots in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, The Netherlands, and the United States. He’s charted high in Argentina, Canada, France, and Australia.

Sk8’s album Late 2 Da Party is available on iTunes.  Follow SK8 on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with him and everything that he’s doing.

WATCH: SK8’s new music video for his single “Aint Worried”

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