Skincare According To Sephora

Want to know the proper way to care for your skin? Sephora has you covered.


One day on IG, the retail giant showcased a video on the steps needed to care for your skin. There are multiple steps, but it is no where near the level of intensity that can be affiliated with the K-Beauty or Korean Beauty level of care. So, here are the steps to good skincare according to Sephora:



Basically, this is one of the most important steps in taking care of your skin. Cleaning your skin gives you a fresh start, literally. You remove all the junk you don’t want or need on your skin. For the best results, use the facial cleanser for your skin type.

NEOGEN foam cleaner


A mask is something you do to focus on an area of concern. It basically is a treatment for your skin. The mask can be a sheet mask or a mask that you apply and wash off. It is recommended that you use the mask of your choice two times per week.

Masks you need: Glamglow gravity mud


No, this is not a the same thing as a toner. It can considered a liquid serum. This step in the Sephora skin care routine helps with making sure the serum used can quickly absorb into the skin. Some may argue that the name is just simple marketing.



A serum is a concentrated form of a moisturizer. You don’t need as much. If there is a problem that you have, such as dryness,  a serum would be great. This may be the most expensive step, but if you consider the price of a serum, but over time, it will be well worth it.


This step is crucial. Keeping your skin moisturized will give you a glow. In addition to that, you won’t look dry and cracked.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel CreamEye Cream

Your eyes and hands are the first areas to show age. People will see your eyes before your hands so make sure they are cared for. An eye cream will add moisture to the thinnest area on your face. If you start early enough, you can reduce the appearance of lines around the eyes.

eye creamAll of the items you will need to follow Sephora’s skin care routine are available at your local store or online.

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