Michael Jackson’s BBMA Performance


by Tiara Harper


Last night, the highly anticipated Michael Jackson hologram performance made its debut on the Billboard Music Award Stage in Los Vegas and in the homes of millions. The almost lifelike image performed the new, high energy, and never before heard track, Slave to the Rhythm.  The performance was filled with all the requirements of a stellar Michael Jackson performance: screaming fans, fabulous dancers in theatrical costumes, and, of course, fire spitting across the stage. The performance had every ounce of potential to set the world ablaze, and stop time, but it was missing one, verrrry important component to make it incredible…Michael.


According to Billboard.com, the performance took 5 months to prepare. It’s amazing that they were able to keep the performance a secret for that long. It was probably kept well under wraps since the technology used for the performance was still being invented. The track performed on stage by the holographic figure was created way back in 1991 with L.A Reid and Babyface during the recording of Michael’s album, Dangerous. The updated track was produced by the legendary Virginia native producer, Timbaland. The stellar choreography used for the performance was created by Rich and Tone who, also, helped create the dance steps used on the iconic 1997 tour, HIStory. The choreographers were a part of every movement used for the hologram, from the hand angling to the tilt of holographic MJ’s head. Tone tells Billboard “The performance is ‘classic Michael’ but we put our own spice on it.”