SLAY OR NAY? Celebrities Waist length Braids

Of course, braids is not a style that is new! But, it seems our favorite celebrities have let go of the wigs and weaves and said HELLO to the natural hairstyles. We’re not talking about regular cornrows here! We are talking about waist length braids that slay! Sources say,


beyonce wearing briads
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We are talking about waist length braids that slay! Sources say, cornrows, braids, or canerows in the Caribbean, are an ancient traditional African hairstyle of hair grooming where the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to produce a continuous, raised a row.


Celebrities rocking long braids
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Remember when social media stated that socialite Kim K started the braid trend? Mrs. West even gave the braids a new name “Kim Kardashian Braids” and “Boxer Braids.” A lot of people weren’t too happy and again, she was slammed on the internet for cultural appropriation. We’re sure she understands where the styles originated!

These hairstyles are nothing new they have been around for centuries. Africa is the known innovators of braiding, even though they are popular in Asia, Egypt, and even Europe. In Africa, it’s a tradition that’s passed down in their communities. This has been around for years, especially in black culture. From Alicia Keys days to Brandy Norwood’s Moesha days!

Kim kardashian wearing boxer braids
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So how are you feeling this? Are you loving the style as of late? Well, Kontrolbeauty is in love! Anytime women embrace the Afrocentric styles we love it! Check out some of our favorite styles from your faves below!

nicki minaj wearing tailbone briads at New York City club
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