While you were sleeping…This happened. Hey Nicki!

Nicki Minaj appeared on “Kelly and Michael” yesterday morning and arrived to her screaming “Barbz.” She chatted with Kelly Ripa and guest host Taye Diggs about her new single “Pills and Potions,” which dropped on ITunes in late May. The much-anticipated video, with a guest appearance from The Game, dropped last night. Screenshot_2014-06-09-12-01-16_1

Kudos to you if you followed the conversation yesterday morning because personally, I was too busy drooling over her Dolce & Gabbana skirt and top and Versace shoes. When Ripa asked the pop/rap superstar about her look, Nicki graciously stated that she likes her style to “mirror the lady of the house.” Kelly expressed heartfelt gratitude for the compliment. NickiPreviousKM (1)

The dazzling singer/actress/rapper traded her pink and blond wig (shown here from a previous visit to “Kelly and Michael”) for a natural-looking all black do. She kept the pink lips and defined cheekbones, but opted for a much more natural eye with an emphasized black line, as opposed to the more colorful eyeliner we have seen in videos from her like “Stupid H*e.” Screenshot_2014-06-09-12-00-41_1

To me this look embodies her transition as an artist. She is shifting from the outrageous ball-buster we met several years ago to the the multi-media mogul and pop/hip-hop icon she will ultimately be known as. The look was also right on par with the tone of the star’s new video. Enough of my opinion…I turn it over to you, Kontrol readers…yay or nay to Nicki’s look?

Photos courtesy of Nicki Minaj’s Instagram