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Would you like to buy luxury beauty and skin care at factory cost? Beauty Pie is the option for you!


Beauty Pie is a new makeup brand that is shaking things up in the world of beauty. Yes, they do make their own makeup. The great feature about this brand is it’s minimalistic approach to makeup. They do not have fancy packaging or huge celebrity endorsements. In addition to that, there is no retail markup, or in other words, no “middle man.”

Beauty Pie_MakeupMarcia Kilgore is the woman behind the vision of Beauty Pie. Prior to starting the company that was started in December 2016, she was the founder of Bliss and Soap & Glory. Both are skin care brands with a large following.

Soap and Glory

First, let’s take a look at the current makeup world. If you were to buy a product from a luxury brand or even a mid-range brand, you are paying at a minimum, $20 or more. Naturally, the price depends on the item, but this is just to illustrate a point. The item that cost $20, in terms of what the customer pays at the retail outlet, only cost the luxury brand about $4 to make.


With Beauty Pie, they are up front with the amount of money it cost the company to make the makeup item. You can either buy a high end item from the store/online or buy from them, with or without a membership. The membership is the equivalent to a subscription service you pay for on a month by month basis. Think: Netflix for makeup. Without the membership, you are essentially paying more for the item. Basically, the concept is to remove the private label aspect from makeup. Beauty Pie and the other makeup companies use the same factories and ingredients for the items.

Beauty Pie_Makeup 2

Now, the company’s focus is on skin care. This seems like a great venture for the fairly new company. More and more people are focusing on skin care. If you love luxury makeup, then chases are you may even love luxury skin care. The concept for the skin care items are the same as makeup. A hydrating cream cost about $15 to make, but it is sold for $60. Now, the luxury of using high quality skin care items daily will not come with the luxury price tag. Kilgore has done skin care and beauty for a while now and it would be fair to say that the creation of Beauty Pie is great for lovers of luxury, makeup and skincare without the hefty price tag. Give them a try, it might be the only pie you should have regularly.

Beauty Pie_skincare

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