Small Business Highlight: Fit Girls Rock


Many people have joined the fitness wave! However many people have a hard time finding the discipline and structure to do what is necessary to lose the unwanted inches and pounds. Wouldn’t it be great to go to one place that has manageable workouts, meals plans and tools needed to assist you with tackling the weight? It would be even better to meet someone so passionate about helping others that they will constantly promote and motivate you to accomplish your weight loss goals! Well if this is something that piques your interest please go join the Fit Girls Rock movement!

Zeonca Roseberry is the person you need to see! She has an amazing formula that has presented benefits to women from all walks of life that will help them get fit! From waist training, to meal plans and high intensity work outs, Zeonca has invested in her brand and stands behind her product! Her lifestyle and appearance speaks for her business and work ethic and her genuine personality will continuously motivate anyone to lose and maintain their weight loss! I have taken on her two week challenge and I must say that I am already noticing some results. It has been especially refreshing to receive those little nudges throughout the day that I can do this! She also will make sure you are eating properly, drinking lots of water and working out!

So I challenge you to join the movement! Become a Fit Girl who Rocks and support this local small business!

Whitney J.