Smooth and Sexy for Bikini Season

Be Smooth and Sexy On The Beach In Your Bikini

No matter your shape and size, you can have a beautiful body. The main goal is to have good hygiene habits. Bikini season is right around the corner and it’s time for everyone to be ready to head to the beaches and pools with confidence.



Founder of Face to Face NYC, Enrique Ramirez is a well-known esthetician that has really great tips for body care. One of the great things about his business and tips is that they work for everyone. If you cannot make it to his location, you can surely use his tips to be well groomed for the summer season.

  • Don’t get too creative with your chest hair. Trim evenly.
  • When grooming the boys, use extra caution and keep your eyes on them.
  • Always go against the growth of the hair (like shaving) and apply baby powder to the area to help the blade run smoothly through your hair.
  • Take a yoga class. Those with better flexibility will get better results.
  • Shower after you’re done to avoid that at-work scratching and itching.
  • Finish the look by moisturizing your body.

man groom thinkerTREATMENT

So, let’s say you want an even closer shave to achieve a smoother look. Shaving will be your best option, next to laser hair removal/reduction. When it comes to shaving, especially in those intimate areas, the most common issue is discomfort, due to ingrown hairs, and discoloration. One way to prevent those horrible issues would be with a topical treatment. Pure Tropix Ingrown Preventions is a great product to use. It has papaya extract, willow bark, aloe and coconut to help with issues of pigmentation and moisture.



Another great way to make sure you are smooth, sexy and bikini ready is making sure that your skin is in fact smooth. The best way to get smooth skin is to exfoliate. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead and dull skin from the body to reveal new, fresh and supple skin. Glam Body has a series of coffee scrubs that can help you achieve that smooth skin you desire.

Glam Body Product Group


Now that we have shaved, it is time to make sure that we are protected. Fun in the sun still requires you to have sun protection. After putting on your favorite lotion, follow up with a great sunscreen with SPF. Also, don’t forget to use an equal wonderful sunscreen for your face!

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen

FINALLY! You are now ready for all of the beach and pool parties. The only dilemma that you may have now is selecting the right bikini/swimwear. Take a look at the new collection from Gabi Fresh (pictured above). Enjoy the sun and smooth skin!

J Holloway

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