SnapChat… the New Sexting

snap2Sexting is a term coined for the usage of sending sexually images, videos and words through text messages. People send a sexual text message to their significant other with hopes of it being something shared between the two of them. Well… What happens when you break up? Do you mutually agree to erase anything compromising out of each other’s phones? What if the break up was not amicable? Then you get spiteful individuals who take to social media or other’s inboxes in an attempt to embarrass the sender. Now something that was once shared between two involved people has become the shame of the break up.

Well as technology evolves, we are granted more ways to communicate! Now you can sext without the worry of having your picture or video shared with others. Snapchat is an application on Apple and Android electronics that allows you to send pictures and videos to other people with this application. The great thing about snapchat is you control how long the intended receiver of the message can view it and they are only allowed one chance to see it. So if you send a sexy picture and they get excited and maybe want to show their best friend, whom you didn’t want to see it, they can not. Also if someone attempts to screen shot the picture for future viewing, you will receive a notification stating which picture they tried to screenshot! BOOM!

Now with all technology there are always glitches. It is not guaranteed that they will not be able to screenshot your picture successfully. So please use this app with caution. But if you have a mature lover, maybe in a long distance relationship and want to keep the mojo flowing, then please honey, snap away!


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