Sneaker Heaven! The High Museum of Art’s “The Rise of Sneaker Culture” is Amazing!

Every now and then the City of Atlanta has a way of reminding us just how cultured it truly is. This past Sunday we took a trip to Atlanta’s very own High Museum of Art to view its latest, and popular exhibit,  The Rise of Sneaker Culture. There, we were treated to the history of the sneaker, from its 1830s ancestor when rubber soles were first invented all the way to present day where some sneakers have been made of reused and recycled material such as grilled fish nets! Each sneaker had a bio/story that explained their origin, design, and purpose.

This was a true walk down memory lane for us as we saw sneakers from our childhood like the Reebok Pump shoes, the Air Jordan XII’s, and the Ewing 33 HI’s! They remind us that bigger shoes were truly in and you can even see when sneakers became more and more fashionable. Vintage sneakers were definitely the masters of the game; mostly ranging from the early eighties to the early 2000s. Each of these classic sneakers not only show the details and trends of the time period of their creation, but also along the way we learned how they were popularized through hip-hop culture, athletes, and more recently individually designed and released for certain celebrities.

Although we were more than happy to experience a little nostalgia with the vintage sneakers, the newer sneakers like the Adidas x Parley shoes created from illegal ocean fishing nets, The Nike LeBron X customized “Stewie” sneakers based off Stewie Griffith of Family Guy, and the Jimmy Choo Belgravia 2012 are nothing short of breathtaking! Besides these shoes being sleeker and more colorful, they either have a purpose or are extremely rare. The aforementioned sneakers created by Adidas x Parley are “eco-sneakers,” created from illegal fishing nets that litter the oceans and harm marine life. Meanwhile, there Nike LeBrons Xs are so rare there are only twenty-five of them in the world!

Besides getting to see so many awesome sneakers, we were also educated about its development. Getting to see the shoes’ ancestral counterparts and watching videos via smart phone about their role in history and culture was really innovative, modern, and educational. You never really know just how much your clothing is influenced by culture, time, and trends. Nowadays it is harder than ever to get young people to go to museums, but with exhibits like this you will find not only will they enjoy seeing the exhibit, they will not want to leave! Be sure you catch Rise of Sneaker Culture before it ends on Sunday, August 14, 2016! Trust us, you won’t regret it, but you will feel inclined to go sneaker shopping immediately afterwards! Have fun!

Check out a few pictures from the exhibit below!


***This post is sponsored by The High Museum of Art; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.***

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