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Social Media & Body Shaming Rihanna

Social Media & Body Shaming Rihanna

Body Shaming

The 60th Grammys aired Sunday and so many celebrities graced our TV’s including everyone’s favorite bad gal Rihanna! Now, as we all know Rihanna has been in the headlines a lot recently for her weight gain. First and Foremost, lets take vow to end body shaming in 2018! Rumors quickly spread that Rihanna could possibly be pregnant or just the obvious.. happy in a relationship. We all know when someone is happy and in love, they tend to gain the “Happy Weight”. Which brings me to the topic at hand. Why must body shaming be such a huge controversy in our culture and generation? Why can’t a woman be thick and confident about without society they are getting chunky or fat? Beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes.

Social media plays a huge role in body shaming.

After Seeing Rihanna perform on Sunday and all the comments about her weight I was shocked. Rihanna looked Good and seems genuinely happy with her extra pounds she packed on.

We are shown every day what society thinks is a perfect body via photos and videos due to social media. But, why can’t women be healthy, fine and perfect in their skin? Why must we automatically assume that is not beautiful.

Social Media puts pressure on women to have this certain image which is sometimes impossible. Why should people have the ability to pick apart someone because of their size or weight. I mean its 2018…We have plus size models! . Teen Vogue writer said it best in her latest article “picked apart Rihanna’s body, commenting on the size of her stomach, breasts, face, and more in an attempt to back up their uncalled-for theories about Rihanna being pregnant. Some commented on her outfit, while others talked about her dancing ability.

……Honestly, it all boils down to one thing: body-shaming.”

So for 2018 Social media Trolls lets rid body shaming. Even if Rihanna has put on a couple pounds, not just Rihanna, lets not shame them but help them embrace their body. Clearly Rihanna is still out here living her best life with the extra pounds she has put on. In my opinion she is still hottie Bad Gal RIRI!



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