Solange Knowles Just Spotted With Jay Z

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On Tuesday May 13, 2014 it has been reported that Jay Z and recent ring opponent Solange Knowles have been spotted out shopping for jewelry. Yes, you heard right the twosome were together quietly shopping without Beyoncé at the swanky shop, Mr. Flawless.


Sources say that the two were looking through women’s jewelry for an estimated 20 minutes, but left without a purchase.


Could this mean a token of apology or publicity stunt? Either way it’s bringing the confusion on heavy. Earlier today it was reported that Solange allegedly deleted every photo, but one of her superstar sister Beyoncé from her Instagram account. Nuts.


The net went on another frenzy attempting to figure out the root of their issues, but now this just took us all for another loop. Although, the two may have not spoken to one another at all in the store it’s still a huge deal to be seen side-by-side. Especially, after everything that’s been swirling around the net for the past 48 hour its time for damage control to work on overtime.


As always we will be keeping you informed on the latest!

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