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Solange X Puma: “Word to the Woman”


Solange recently debuted the first half of her third collaboration with Puma’s design team titled, “Word to the Woman.” The inspiration behind the concept was to showcase 14 diverse women at various stages in their lives and how each stage represents a range in gender roles. All of the women where exquisitely photographed with art direction provided by Solange. Please be sure to check out wordtothewoman.com for the full editorial. Also stay tuned as Solange interviewed each of the 14 women and will be releasing each of their video interviews between the first and second collaboration release.PUMA-x-Solange-Fall-Winter-2015-Word-to-the-Woman-Collection-1


So what can I say about the shoes? They are pastel-colored, monochromatic, texture pleasing dreams. Solange took the classic Puma suede sneaker and turned them into tasty pieces of art. These limited edited sneakers retail for 90 USD. Currently they can be purchased on Puma.com as well as on the newly launched Saintheron.com web shop.


While Solange did not create a totally new shoe design, she gave us something that has been missing from a lot of celebrity clothing brand collaborations. And that is depth and significance to the product. The product itself may be simple, yet there is true soul in the sole of these shoes.

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