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How To Solve Your Beauty Woes

How To Solve Your Beauty Woes

“I was runnin’ through the six with my woes. You know how that should go”, musician and artist, Drake. If you’re reading this it’s not too late. Going through these problems and sorrows can rather be a pain. These beauty woes are problems we face on the day to day. Yet, we can help you survive these woes with expert solutions.

Kamilla Kucenko/ Photographer: Daria Svertilova

Here’s a solution to all your beauty woes:


Your concealer gets cakey

Do not, I repeat do not pile on heavy cream concealer. The area around the eyes is very thin; it needs to be hydrated to absorb the concealer correctly. Use of a moisturizer, that hydrates will help maintain moisture. Or try dusting a light- reflecting powder over top of the concealer to brighten. 


Hair grows back immediately after shaving

Good news: It’s not your fault! Shaving only removes the surface of the hair. Sometimes tiny hairs get trapped under the skin’s surface. Be sure to scrub with a loofah or towel before shaving. This will help exfoliate dead cells. Freeing any hidden hairs so you can shave in peace. Sometimes, waxing is the way to go. Waxing pulls the root of the hair out.


Mascara Meltdown

Mascara plus oils on your skin leading to a hot mess. Before coating your lashes, create a matte canvas on your lids with a primer. Then top it with a translucent powder. This will absorb oils for a smudge free eye base.


Your blowout just got rained out

The best way to save your blowout is to loosely wrap your hair. A silk scarf can work wonders. This stylish head scarf won’t ruffle mess up your look.  When it starts to rain, take the scarf and fold it into a triangle covering your hair. Tie the ends of it under your chin.


Beat breakouts

Pimples are a sign the first sign of an imbalance. Using a salicylic acid cleanser twice a day can help exfoliate and remove excess oil. A way to clear and prevent pimples, remember to drink a lot of water and herbal tea. 


Ruined makeup brushes

Be sure to clean them often, as this helps with their longevity. Letting brushes sit with a product on them can permanently damage the bristles. Washing them once a month helps break down the oils in the bristles of the brush. After cleansing your brush with dish detergent. Be sure to follow with a rinse and lay flat on a paper towel to dry.


Icky white film from lipgloss

Dry and flaky lips are the culprit. The particles get trapped in the creases causing a nasty coating. Exfoliate your pout before applying gloss. Mix half sugar and half honey together. Brush it onto your lips and massage until the sugar dissolves. This will remove all unwanted dried skin from the lips. Or think about switching to a glossy balm, or a stick gloss with a bit of color. It gives the same shiny look, but without the white film residue.


Dry shampoo dilemma

A super easy fix. Limit dry shampoo usage to one to two times in-between washes. Over application can lead to a buildup of oil and powder.



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