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Some Tea on those Teas

Some Tea on those Teas

Now, it seems like the common go-to remedy is tea.


When I say tea, it’s the actual beverage, not LGBT colloquialism. Yes, this ancient drink has been around for so many centuries and has changed so much. Back then, it was consumed as medicine mainly and now, it is mainly served as a refreshing beverage. In recent years, it seems as if social media has the drink back to its roots as a fix.


However, the teas focus today will be about their “abilities” to cure or help you in some way. Please note, this is one’s personal opinion. When it comes to investigating the claims made by the makers of the tea’s, more times than not, they have not been reviewed by the FDA and a tea is not be used as a cure or tool for diagnosis.


The Tea

The first tea that many people think about is the Instagram sensation Flat Tummy Tea. Your favorite celebrity or public figure was all over The Gram with it. Side note, they were paid to post it. It was everywhere. Another popular pick is Fit Tea. Just like Flat Tummy, people were into it too. The hot drinks took off after the waist trainer train slowed down it seems.

Flat Tummy Tea

It seems as if the main focus is detoxification. However, some main issues people had was always going to the restroom. The next issue was price. It’s a lot to spend $30 on a drink that makes you poop, right. On top of that, it looks like only already skinny/fit people get posted.


Recently, an influencer posted a tea that is said to help promote good/healthy skin. I wanted to try it. It is yummy, but my skin is already nice, so the verdict is still out. Will it take the place of simple skin care and SPF, NO.

The Verdict

This is not to knock anyone’s ability to collect a coin, but the buyer should beware and have realistic expectations. No tea is a cure all. The best way to lose weight is to have a balanced diet and exercise. On top of that, if you feel the need to buy it for detox, why spend over $30 just because it was on IG when you can go to the store and pay $4 for a box? If you want to have good skin and look good and fit, just take care of yourself.

Kermit sips tea


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