Somebody Save Us! Sleighted By “Sleight!”

Superhero movies are all the rage right now in the film industry. Our summers, and holiday seasons, are now dictated by Disney and Warner Bros., courtesy of the characters owned by Marvel and DC Comics, respectively. Every now and then an indie superhero film pops up and we are pleasantly surprised. In the case of Sleight, however, we were not!

First, Sleight is NOT  a superhero film by any means.

Second, the story is very slow–slow to build, slow produce, and slow to deliver any worthwhile connection to the film. The plot centers around, Bo (Jacob Latimore), an intelligent young man whose life takes a darker direction when his mother suddenly passes and he has to raise his younger sister. He takes to the streets become a street magician and drug dealer. His former occupation is described as him performing “tricks,” feats that appear to be magic but are actually courtesy of an electromagnet he has embedded in his arm (think low grade Tony Stark when his arc reactor began poisoning him).  He soon finds himself in over his head when he double crosses Angelo (Dule Hill), the drug lord who employs him, and must find a way to protect himself and those he loves.

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Sleight’s plot line is good. A hero/vigilante protecting his family is very noble, however things in this film just did not fit or flow. Although the film shares the same producer as Get Out,  The film’s saving grace is its star, Jacob Latimore, who is a great actor but repeatedly finds his acting career marred by lackluster films. Jacob definitely has the potential to headline a true superhero film. We could easily see him being Patriot or Static if they ever adapt a Young Avengers or Static Shock comic to the Big Screen.

We rarely give films bad reviews, but this film had so much potential and fell so far off. The ending dares to tease a sequel, but we are sure we will not be tuning in!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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