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Someone’s Finally on “The Right Side of a Love Song”–R&B Star, Melanie Fiona is Preggers!

When it comes to vocals and ballads, there are few singers that can touch Melanie Fiona. All of her songs have touched us in a way that is both intimate, and at times heartbreaking. The girl can sing you to heartbreak, through heartbreak, and life beyond a heartbreak. This only makes her more relatable because we know she has gone through something. She is not just another prepackaged, pretty face singing songs someone else wrote for her. Therefore, no one deserves more to have the amazing news she recently announced–she is pregnant!

melanie fiona pregnant hey mikey atl

melanie fiona and jared cotter hey mikey atl
Melanie Fiona and Jared Cotter

The R&B star, in what has become common among celebrities, went to Instagram to announce her pregnancy with a special video and message:

“The greatest power a person possesses is the power to choose. The only thing greater, is being chosen,” she wrote. “Thank You for choosing Us. Jared and I are thrilled to become Parents. 1f49c

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