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Songstress Inas X Is Music’s Next Big Superstar!

Songstress Inas X Is Music’s Next Big Superstar!

Written by: Mark Pollard

Inas X’s goal in life is to spread love and knowledge. She believes that the world needs more love and will stop at nothing to get her message across. A Palestinian Brooklyn native, with a story of tribulation all of her own, Inas X is ready to take you on an emotional journey through her music. Indefinable, independent, and creative, she’s taking on the music industry one song at a time.

“I love everything about music and the way it makes you feel. I love how music touches people. I think that there is no other form of art, or no other industry really that touches the mass like music does. I think music is so powerful in that sense.”

From chorus to the band, Inas was no stranger to music. However, it was her first on stage performance that made her want to turn it into a career.

“My first performance was in the first grade; I was Cher and sang, “I Got You, Babe”. That was like my first experience on stage, and from then on, I knew I always wanted to act, sing and be creative.”

In 2016 Inas took fans on an emotional journey with songs on her EP like “Gets Me High” and “Stupid”. So for 2017 Inas assures us of more heat coming our way for the New Year.

“I’m getting ready to drop an EP. It’s coming with a lot of visuals, so I’m really excited about that. I have a lot of new music, new videos, new everything coming out in 2017. I’m just excited to show where I am and how much I’ve grown in the industry. I’m just ready to connect more with my fans.”

Inas is no stranger to climbing the charts. After claiming a spot on the Billboard Top 20 Dance charts in 2016, she also finished up a tour across the United States all in the same year.

“It was definitely a surreal feeling because I was on tour when it happened. So it was definitely a surreal feeling for me because it was a dream of mine that I started to see manifest into reality. But it also made me want to go harder so that I can reach the top spot on the Billboard top 100!”

If you’re wondering how this beauty came up with such a dope stage name, well her Palestinian parents are to blame for at least half of it. The “X” however is all Inas in what she calls her mark of independence.

“I created my stage name as my official mark of independence. I stand for empowerment, acceptance and standing for what’s right. Inas is my birth name given to me by my Middle Eastern parents. As for the X however, I use the X for the same purpose Malcolm X did. I refuse to be defined by a name someone else or society gives me. I define myself and I am indefinable. I am Inas X. If you follow me, or are a fan of mine, you are beautiful, you are undefined and you are everything.”

Constantly striving for authenticity, and connecting people with the real trials and tribulations that she has gone through in life. One of her biggest struggles was being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year. However, that didn’t allow her to ever quit. Inas has taken the hardships she’s been dealt, threw them aside, and created a whole new game.

“I am an empowered female and I’ve gone through a lot of different situations in my life that have made me feel depressed or oppressed, you know different forms of abuse that everyone deals with. However I’ve taken it and turned it all into power, and that’s something I wish everyone could do as well. I mean you really have two choices; you can either take it and become bitter or take it and become better. So I feel like I represent people that have been through real stuff, and that’s how I want my music to reflect me and reach people.”

Inas X vocalizes through her lyric that no matter what hardship life throws your way, you have to come back stronger and conquer the world. With trials and tribulations as part of her musical inspiration, Inas goes on to tell what else inspires her to make music.

“I’m a voice to a lot of people who don’t have a voice, especially ethnic females and ethnic people in general. I’m really inspired by different genres of music, as well as what’s going on in the world, the good and the bad. I’m Middle Eastern, so my background and culture influence my music as well.”

Inas X’s goal in life is to spread love and knowledge. She believes this world needs more honesty and cares and will stop at nothing to get her message across.

“My whole movement is about love. It’s a simple concept yet complicated you know. All the world really needs is love. I classify myself as just a vessel here just to spread love through my art and whatever vehicle I choose. Right now my vehicle is music but that vehicle will eventually change, however, the message will continue to be the same.”

With a bright musical career ahead of herself, Inas has goals of acting and collaborating with Drake and Kehlani to name a few.

“I just moved out here to LA, one of the main reasons is because of business ventures. I’m also ready to get more into acting. I’ve always been interested in it, but for me, I just wanted to focus on the music for a while. So now that I have, I really want to explore that arena, and if everything goes right, that’s what you’re going to see next from me.”

With the ultimate goal of spreading light and love through her art. Inas X aims to move people and ultimately make them think differently one song at a time. We’re pretty sure this multitalented artist will be making a huge splash in the industry this year. Your dope for reading!

You can follow Inas on all social media platforms from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter under her name @InasX. Also don’t forget to watch out for new music and visuals via her website InasX.com as well as on Sound Cloud, Spotify, and YouTube under Inas X.


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