Sophia Amoruso and the #GIRLBOSS Secrets of Nasty Gal

“Part memoir, part management guide and part girl-power manifesto. A sort of Lean in for misfits, it offers young women a candid guide to starting a business and going after what they want.”

– The Washington Post


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Almost every girl loves to shop. Those who prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home usually lean towards online shopping. Sophia Amoruso – one badass lady known as the Founder Executive Chairman of Nasty Gal – was unaware of the record-breaking impact her web-based vintage boutique would achieve in retail.

Amoruso’s story is an inspiring one. She considered herself an outcast, not fitting in, in most schools and neighborhoods in her adolescent years. Dropping out of high-school from the uncomfortableness of being surrounded by people, she began on what she did not know would be the search in finding her calling in life. Amoruso opened Nasty Gal in 2006 on eBay. She sold vintage clothing to the highest bidder – sometimes resulting in a twenty-thousand percent profit and that number in more cases than one was on the low end. Working at an art school checking IDs for $13 an hour, Nasty Gal was only considered a side project.

Fast forward to 2012 and the online boutique sold nearly $100 million of clothing and accessories – profitably. That was only the beginning.

Sophia Amoruso also considered a tech maverick gives an engaging insight to women of any age on the process of starting a company. #Girlboss is not a guide for those who already have the financial means and right connections into the field of your dreams. Instead it’s an ode to those who have the courage to start with absolutely nothing but time and determination.

Claire Howard


Claire Howard is a Howard University graduate who fell in love with pen and paper. Creative writing and fashion drive her, and have propelled her into a career in public relations and branding. Formally trained at Moki Media in Washington, D.C., Claire has worked with clients such as New York Times Best-Selling author Wes Moore, international photographer Nigel Barker, The McBride Sisters and their vino label Truvee Wine, Blo Blow Dry Bar and many more. In early 2015, Claire started her own Public Relations firm, LLM Works, based in Washington, D.C. LLM provides branding and communications services to clients in entertainment, health and fitness, and the beauty and fashion industries