Souvenir Jackets Galore!

By: Eric Kelley II


Remember when you went through your dad’s closet and saw those old flappy jackets hanging in the back corner. Well, those jackets are making a comeback this fall in a new trend! Souvenir Jackets have been all the rage amongst millennials everywhere. Instagram influencers Nathan McCallum and Denny Balmaceda have demonstrated all powerful the souvenir jacket will be in our fall wardrobes. Vintage or modern, the souvenir jacket can definitely be a nice staple piece in your closet this AW16!



Designer Marc Jacob and online men’s fashion stores like Topman have embroidered their souvenir jackets with cool designs of tigers, dragon, and flowers. It sounds like kind of lunch box dorky type of stuff but honestly, that’s the type of stuff that makes the world of style go around. The souvenir jacket has a relaxed silhouette making it easy to style. Try pairing it with a vintage tee or a turtleneck if you’re daring. That’s what celebrity stylist Brad Goreski plans to do this fall. Brad’s daily post on his app shows that the souvenir jacket craze is hitting the men’s fashion scene like a category 5 storm! Take it from us, the souvenir jacket is the way you want to go this fall. We know it’s going to be hard to let go of wearing your trucker jacket day in and day out but trust us; you’re going to want to add a different flavor to your mix of style.


If you’re not into designer souvenir jackets or if you like me and your wallet isn’t into designer souvenir jackets; try going your local thrift shops. There are souvenir jackets galore just waiting to be had and styled. Let Kontrol know how you can take a souvenir jacket to the next level. As always, stay dapper gentlemen.




Eric Kelley

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