Special Showing of the thriller “Dark House” in Atlanta On March 21

The southern plantation home depicted in the movie “Dark House,” is the center of the wild terror screenplay. By the same director of the sequel Jeepers Creepers and Rights of Passage, Victor Salva  has crafted a haunting motion picture that is guaranteed to have you hiding on your seat.

The movie centered around young man named Nick played by Luke Kleintank, who is distressed about his power of being able to seek how other people will die, by only touching them. After the surprise and suspicious death of his mentally ill mother,  Nick inherits a strange house that he happens to have been imagining and drawing pictures of since he was a child. Nick, his pregnant girlfriend and peers travel into the unknown not only to find the destination of the house, but to find out his estranged father’s where-abouts.

The rest of the film goes off from there! Once Nick and his group arrive to the house, they are greeted by  Seth(Tobin Bell off of Jeeper’s Creepers). Seth allows Nick into the house, and then demands that him and friends must leave the premises. Seth then calls on the axe wielding creatures to help run the intruders off the property. The story continues with an on going show down between the axe wielding, trench coat wearing demons, lets just say this is the scene to see.

Salva definitely leaves room for suspense in the horror film. Anyone is going to want know what happens is going to happen in  the “Dark House.”

Dark House has been out in select theaters in New York City and Los Angeles since last Friday. The film will also release today exclusively in Atlanta at the AMC Southlake theatre.


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