Splurge: You can buy a fabulous Prada paper clip for $185.

It’s Friday and just in case you have any extra money laying around Prada just came out with a paper clip for you to splurge on. The Office Depot replica costs a whopping $185.00 and is sold at Barney’s.

Ironically the paper clip is a money fold. The $185 accessory is made of sterling silver with the word “Prada” etched into it. At 6.25 centimeters long and 2.25 centimeters wide, this paper clip is roughly $13 per square centimeter.  That’s compared to 1,000 paperclips for just $5.29 at Staples.


Obsessed with the fancy money clips that are shaped like a paperclip, but can’t quite afford the Prada version? Barneys is offering two versions of the sterling silver money clip for only $150.

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It wasn’t too long before the internet got ahold of this luxury item and started dragging it. “Hey…if you can’t afford healthcare…at least you can own a $185 Prada paper clip!!!!” wrote one person on social media. “This better hold my life together,” joked another. “I bet it can hold a lot of paper,” tweeted someone else. “By the time I buy the paperclip, there won’t be enough for it to hold ?,” responded yet another.

Lately, it seems that a lot of common items are getting luxury makeovers. Balenciaga made headlines for its $1,100 tote that literally looks like a white “thank you” bag designed to look like a paper shopping bag that comes free when you purchase literally any other item. The bag was the follow-up to the same brand’s $2,145 Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag, a direct recreation of the Ikea Frakta tote, which retails for just 99 cents in stores.

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