Splurge? Or Not?

Splurge? Or Not?

Gifting season is in full affect! With your budget in mind, it may be time to do something really special for you. Splurging on a special gift, as a reward to yourself may be just want you need. There are a few things to consider before you splurge.  Consider your budget and determine what type of splurge you can afford. The item doesn’t have to be expensive to be a splurge. You can find that special gift within your current budget.

Bimg_2494e creative when searching for that special gift. Major retailers are not the only option when searching for great gifts. Locating the local Off Saks Fifth, Last Call Neiman Marcus, or Nordstrom Rack may be the pivotal factor in being able to afford your splurge worthy gift.  These stores typically have some of the latest season fashions, marked down due to large overstock. Outlet stores are great because it’s all of the top designers, at an affordable price, in one location. These major retailers typically have store coupons, making that special gift affordable.

Splurging doesn’t have to be a choice. Preparing and finding the best deals is essential. Holiday Season means big sales, so take advantage of door busters and online offers. Use one of the most important tools you have; your phone. Major Retailers and Outlet Mall stores have app only coupons and offers that can put gift searching right at your fingertips. Cyber sales are going well beyond Cyber Monday and midday flash sales have some great deals as well.  Good Old fashion couponing  is a great way to find a great deal. Have fun while gift shopping. It’s not considered a splurge if it stresses you out, the experience is just as important. Use all the shopping tools provided and you are sure to score a splurge worthy purchase, without breaking the bank.


Yvonne Washington

Yvonne Washington is a Midwest girl with a southern flare. This Kontrol Magazine writer is a serial entrepreneur and is the current COO of iTAX LLC. Yvonne is an avid Tax Professional with a love for great music, awesome books, and adventure.

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