Sportswear Brand ViewSPORT Takes Fitness and Fashion To New Levels

Who would’ve thought fashion could be taken up a notch in the gym? Yes! The gym of all places. Ever needed some stylish threads to rock while working out? Ever needed that extra push of motivation as well to get through an intense session? Well, our friends over at ViewSPORT has the perfection sportswear collection of stylish workout garments that’ll not only keep you looking good in the gym but will also keep you motivated with inspirational messages while you sweat.

You see the key to seeing the inspirational messages woven into the clothing is through, get this, sweat!

“ViewSPORT® is an innovative fitness apparel line focused on the motivated viewsport-logoathlete, sports teams, the military, and others looking to get the most from their fitness and training efforts. When an athlete exercises, the patent-pending ViewSPORT sweat activated technology reveals a design that is only apparent once sweat comes in contact with the fabric. The harder the wearer works, the more visible the image.”

So if there’s anyone out there who needs that extra little push, or even just something cute, and stylish to rock while working out this brand is perfect for you.

“ViewSPORT’s mission is to motivate and empower all those interested in living healthier and more active lives with a new tool to visibly measure their hard work. We want you to wear your sweat with pride.”

With affordable prices as low as $25 USD for the popular sweat activated t-shirts and an assortment of other garments and designs, ViewSPORT is at the top of future sportswear design, and will definitely make waves into the new year with their innovative technology twist on the average workout gear. Check them out online and see their full collection for yourself, available for men and women. Your dope for reading!


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