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Spring into Summer

Spring Into Summer

By: Levar Kemp

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Fellas, since New Years we’ve been working on our New Years resolution of getting our bodies right and tight. We’ve been in the gym day in and day out, making sure we are beach ready. However, sometimes we feel as though looking great comes simple when the temperatures drops.

We look in our closets and notice all our winter clothes dominating the space, but what about when the temperatures begins to rise?

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Men we can be stylish and on point this summer.  Dressing well in the heat can sometimes feel like its a task. The summer weather is the best time to show off with light fabrics.

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Remember the basics to the guidelines on clothing that fits you. Play around with different looks. Don’t be scared to venture off and be creative. Try a nice mens romper that shows off your body assets, or maybe a nice sheer top with a creative multi print shorts.

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This summer Kontrol Homme challenges all our men to be trendsetters and try something new. Step out of your comfort zone of just the tank top and shorts you normally run too and be fashionable. The next cookout you attend or summer jam or festival or even next vacation kick it off with some of these dope looks. We promise you will be a hit.

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