Spring into Wigs

What do you do when you want to make changes to your hair to enhance your look but don’t want to dye your hair? You invest in wigs.

The great thing about wigs is that they are interchangeable and you still get to maintain the integrity of your natural hair. Below are some wig trends that you may want to consider for the spring months.

One wig trend that has surfaced is the short hair wig. It is the next best option when you want to try short hair but do not want to make that particular chop. Think about being able to channel your inner Nia Long or Toni Braxton. It’s a great way to be cool, bring back the 90’s, in a good way, and stay cool.

short hair wig
short hair wig made of 100% human hair

If you are team “long hair don’t care”, then this might be the section for you. If you do not wish to have that straight out of the pack look or plain black hair, don’t worry. You can spice your wig up with color. Trending now is bold colors. Luckily, you get as crazy as you want with hair color or as tame as you want, it’s all up to you.

bold color wig
Bold Blue Wig

In case you missed the article on hair dye trends, one trend that will be great as a wig would be the grey hair trend. You can do the ombre effect or you can go full on grey. It is a change of pace from the jet black hair or the multi colored, bold hair, but it’s just a lovely.

Grey wig
Grey wig

Another wig to go for is the one with curls. If you don’t have the texture for curly hair, just know that you can buy the wig. In addition to the curly pattern, you can also get the curls in multiple colors. It’s great to have options.

Curly wig
Curly wig

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