STAND OFF: Jelena vs. Queen B

First of all who in the world is Jelena Karleuša? And why is she beefing so hard with Beyoncé?! Notice I said why is she beefing so hard and why they are beefing so hard because the Queen B is obviously not going to stoop down to her level!


Back to the first question at hand! Who is this chick? Jelena is a Serbian pop artist, television personality, former columnist, and human rights activist. She rose to international fame when US media proclaimed her the “Serbian Kim Kardashian” due to the similarities in hair and style. So it  was one thing when she came at Kim not many cared and most just brushed it off. But you’re not gonna pick a fight with Beyoncé without her fellow bees swarming in all over you.


On to the second question. Why does she have so much beef with Beyoncé? After the Met Gala, Jelena posted pictures of her in similarly styled or posed outfits as Beyoncé along with the caption, “It’s called ORIGINALITY. You should try it sometime.” Of course the Bey Hive went bezerk on her behind in no time at all. She even had the nerve to post two more pictures of herself in reference to the beef. One she captioned, “#TB 2012 And for the last time… NOTE TO ALL OF MY AFRICAN AMERICAN FOLLOWERS: I LOVE YOU! STAY STRONG AND SPREAD LOVE!” First and foremost all of Beyonce’s fans are not black second whoa there whet?! What exactly was she trying to say and or what point was she trying to prove? The other picture she posted was a picture of her in a limo with a bubble saying, “Beyoncé fans please don’t touch the glass.”


This Jelena character one has insulted one of America and the world’s biggest sensations, her entire fan base, and had the nerve to point out the black community she is reaching so far to be relevant. She must not have a publicist because that stunt would’ve never happened. She may have gained some followers and notoriety but it wasn’t for a good reason. Honestly most nothing is original anymore somebody, somewhere, sometime has done it, Beyoncé has a team of stylists and everything else she probably never even knew this woman existed, but real stars don’t throw shade especially at person who’s not going to respond it’s pointless and makes you look bad.


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