Star-Crossed- “Stabbed With A White Wench’s Black”

Zoe, the undercover Trag operative interrupts two men trying to set off a bomb in the sector. She demands to know what they are up to. Moments later there is a huge explosion. Roman looks on in horror. The next day Emery goes for a run and learns about the attemepted attack on the sector, and that it was possibly done by Redhawk operatives via radio. Her run is cut short by Matt Bandell, a journalist who has discovered her talking about cyper with Julia. He suspects cyper is real and behind and the secret behind both of their mircaulous recoveries. She insists he is wrong and offers to help uncover a bigger “Atrian secret” to throw him off the trail of the story. Back at the sector, Roman and Drake argue over integration and human-Atrian relations. The tension between the two only climbs. At scool, Emery asks Grayson if he knows who was behind the bombing. He insists he does not know and that his parents would never do anything like that. He asks her out, but she races off to speak with Julia.  The Atrian operative, Zoe, delivers Drake a message from Vega and reveals she set off last night’s bomb. Taylor pulls Zoe to the side and insists to know what is going on between her and Drake. Zoe does not blow her cover and promises to stay away from him if she wants. She claims to find their interspecies attraction to be “gross.” Julia and Emery discuss cyper and the danger of revealing its healing powers. She leaves to find another story. Eric tells Grayson he is quitting the Redhawks, much to Grayson’s chagrin, due to their terrorist actions. He reveals the news to Emery, who loves that he can see the good in others. She agrees to attend the charity ball  with him. Roman looks on at them sadly, until he is interrupted by Drake. The latter suspects he is into Emery, to which he vehemently denies. Drake then reveals Grayson’s parents are Redhawks, but Roman does not believe Emery is involved with them. Zoe invites Drake to the charity ball to which Roman declares himself to be his “plus one” to keep an eye on him.

At the charity ball, Roman and Drake are paraded around for political advantages. Roman find himself lost in wonder when he sees Emery in her dress. Grayson’s mother notices their attraction and whisks her away. Zoe and Drake find out Vega wants them to kidnap Grayson to use as ransom for the release of imprisoned Atrians. Grayson’s mother attempts to sway Emery to her side. She is surprised by Matt questioning her progress on his story. Julia gives Emery a device that will act as a magnet and wipe Matt’s tablet clean. Emery enlists her aide to get information on the Redhawks from Eric. Roman searches Grayson’s home for Emery. They face off over their mutual love for Emery until she interrupts them. Roman tells her about Grayson’s parents’ dubiousness to which she reveals she already knows. Roman leaves angrily, hurt , and disappointed.

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