Star-Crossed- “Stabbed With A White Wench’s Black”

Peace is nonexistent in Roman’s pod as the sector security ransack Roman’s believing they have restricted technology. When they find nothing, they leave. However, Roman’s mother reveals they do have restricted tech–a cell phone. She explains why their father had it and that he was not a Trag. He volunteers to get rid of the phone outside the sector. Teri reins Drake in as he becomes more aggressive with human students. Elsewhere, Roman checks on Julie. she thanks him for saving her life, in return he asks her to find out what is on his father’s phone. He leaves when Emery approaches. Julie covers for him. In class, they learn about Atrian physiology, their allergies to most human foods and caffeine; and suggest a common origin between the two species. The learning ends when the students began to make fun of each others differences. Later, Grayson apologizes to Emery by bringing her flowers. She refuses to accept it and says she does not believe anything he says. Julie enlists Lukas’s help in breaking into the phone. Elsewhere, Sophia expresses interest in her school’s swim team. She and Emery bond over how hard it is to make friends. She reveals she has not been swimming since they arrived on Earth. Emery takes her to the school pool where she breaks one of the school’s records. Tempers flare when Emery challenges Eric on the swim team to race her. He staunchly refuses to swim with a “Tattie.”

Later, parents question their childrens’ safety when swimming with Atrians. Grayson feels having her on the time would give them a huge advantage in their upcoming swim meet. Emery challenges Gloria and succeeds in allowing Sophia to join the swim team much to Roman’s chagrin and Grayson’s delight. Roman admonishes her for causing unnecessary trouble, she insists it is what their father would have wanted. Emery warms up to Grayson, happy he backed Sophia up. He asks her out to dinner with the team, but she is distracted when she sees Lukas and Roman together. The former reveals he found dates for meetings on it and promises to decipher the rest of the data. Back at his pod, he finds his mother and Caster together. He inquires about the phone, to which Roman lies about destroying. At dinner, Grayson flirts with Emery revealing their outing to be a date much to Eric’s chagrin. Protesters bar the way to the swim meet, with one throwing water on Sophia. Roman quickly wrests her away to safety. They are followed by a security drone until Teri angrily destroys it.

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WHO AM I? That’s probably what you’re thinking? It’s simple I’m this generation’s “Dear Abby!” I was raised in the Fourth Ward of Atlanta, educated in the School of Hard Knocks, and rescued by the concrete and steel of New York City. Life at best will always be bittersweet. The sooner you accept that, the better off you’ll be. I’d prefer to be on your sweeter side. Everyone needs a listening ear, extra shoulder, and open arms when life gets rough. I’m your new best friend, where it all goes south remember I’m a mouse click or tweet away. Hang in there kids, you’re gonna love kickin’ it with me!!! -Michael Jonvier

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