Star-Crossed- “Stabbed With A White Wench’s Black”


Gloria educates the Atrian 7 on acceptance, using Jackie Robinson as a lesson. Sophia begs the others for their support, to which they reluctantly agree. Roman inquires on Lukas’s whereabouts, they are interrupted when Emery approaches them. She is hurt by Julie’s lies. Emery brings Sophia a gift, when she puts it in her locker she finds a lynched and stabbed figurine resembling her. Roman forbids her to swim, to which Emery protests. He reveals to her she is only safe because he is protecting her too. Later, Roman meets with Lukas, who has almost finished decrypting a video on the cell phone. They are interrupted by an angry Gloria.

Gloria admonishes him for having the phone. She reassures Roman his father was not a terrorist. He again enlists Lukas help in tracking down the other phone his father was contacting. He tracks the other phone to the school grounds. Elsewhere, Sophia is tricked into drinking caffeine by a competing swimmer. No one attempts to help her until Julie goes to find Roman. He whisks her away to get her to safety. Meanwhile, Teri headbutts the swimmer who poisoned Sophia, causing a massive brawl between the Atrian 7 and the opposing teams.


Hey Mikey!

WHO AM I? That’s probably what you’re thinking? It’s simple I’m this generation’s “Dear Abby!” I was raised in the Fourth Ward of Atlanta, educated in the School of Hard Knocks, and rescued by the concrete and steel of New York City. Life at best will always be bittersweet. The sooner you accept that, the better off you’ll be. I’d prefer to be on your sweeter side. Everyone needs a listening ear, extra shoulder, and open arms when life gets rough. I’m your new best friend, where it all goes south remember I’m a mouse click or tweet away. Hang in there kids, you’re gonna love kickin’ it with me!!! -Michael Jonvier