Star-Crossed- “Stabbed With A White Wench’s Black”

Roman tries to save her using cyper, but cannot with the teacher refusing to leave. Emery distracts her and gives Sophia a does of epinephrine. It works, and saves her life. Gloria stops the brawl by threatening expulsion. Later, she admonishes them for fighting, but praises them for fighting alongside one another. She allows them to swim for an hour.

The swim team races one another, with Sophia coming out as the victor. Emery and Roman bond. Julie and Emery discuss how she was healed, glad they no longer have to lie to one another. Grayson and Emery flirt  and share their first kiss–with Roman looking on from the bus. Lukas interrupts him, revealing he lost the other phone’s signal as it headed to the suburbs surprisingly. Sophia and Roman apologize to one another for being naive and overprotective, respectively. He tells her how proud their father would be of her for what all has transpired. He also tells her their father was not a Trag and promises to get to the bottom of why he had a cell phone. Gloria reveals she destroyed Nox’s phone, ordered the search of Roman’s pod, and is working with Caster. Even more interesting and surprising are the origins of her son. He is Nox’s illegitimate son.

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