[Screening Recap] Of Film STEP: Press Tour 2017

STEP? Just how important is stepping in the African American community? It’s so important, that this activity has provided opportunities and life changing events to occur in young Women lives. “STEP IS LIFE.”

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Line outside of theatre Photo credit: Shanice Warren

Sunday July 16th, I had the pleasure of attending a private screening for a remarkable documentary. This film followed the “Lethal Ladies of Baltimore” step team. The step team was developed by some of these young ladies when they were 8-11 years old. It took place during first generation high school graduates from Baltimore Leadership High School for girls senior year. Director Amanda Lipitz and FOX Searchlight followed the lives of Baltimore teens everyday through step practices and competitions while living in the inner city. And, now the LLOB step team has transpired to something much more.

Initially walking in to the theater I wasn’t sure of what to expect from this film. Little did I know I would become so connected. Connected to the students, to their teachers, parents and coach. But, for many people growing up in what are consider rural areas, life can be a little different. So different that you grow up sooner than you should. The love and dedication shown is all the motivation any young girl needs.

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Q&A with cast members after the screening; Photo credit: Shanice Warren

You laugh, you cried and you cheered for them as if they were your classmates, siblings or children. And, the emotional connection to this film was felt through the entire room. It was such a treat to meet and great with the cast after the viewing.

“We’re making music with our bodies,”- step team member Blessing Giraldo states. During the film you were with them during their practices, from applying for colleges to getting nervous when it was time to open up those acceptance letters.  That is how connected you felt. Regardless if you were in the theatre or behind the camera one thing is for sure you felt every emotion that Amanda Lipitz made sure she captivated.

Cast members Blessin Giraldo, Cori Grainger and Tayla Solomon will leave you feeling proud as if they were your sisters.  This film is a must see with friends and family, but most importantly your daughters. STEP will premier in selected theaters August 4th and August 11th throughout the country.

You will stomp your way out of theaters with smiles and a new perspective on life. STEP is a must see!

Shanice Shantelle

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