Stevie J Arrested For Owing More than $1 Million in Child Support

Well Well Well, things aren’t looking too good in the “white house” for Stevie J, and no I’m not talking about last night’s episode of LHHATL.

TMZ reported earlier today, that Stevie J has been arrested for over a million dollar child support debt. Back in 2001, the reality star was order to pay $8,500 monthly in child support.

According to court records, Stevie J had two children with on of his past girlfriends. At first he was ordered to pay $6,500 each month, then it got raised a couple years ago.

TMZ reveals that Stevie hasn’t paid child support in over 13 years, making him rack up $1,107,412.00 of unpaid child support.

He was taken into custody in Atlanta, but he will face criminal charges in New York City.