Stevie J Dumps Joseline Hernandez For Allegedly Cheating

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any worse for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Stevie J calls it quits with his alleged wife Joseline Hernandez.


Even though Stevie J was arrested for child support debt last month, it seemed like the one thing that was going good for him was his relationship with his so-called wife. Well it seems like everything has changed since then, because he has told TMZ that it’s “over” between the two.
Stevie told TMZ that he got some clear evidence that she has been cheating on him with several different rappers. Well he must have got the news less than a week ago, because he was seen serenading her in Inglewood the other day.


Well well, this is some news for us. On the current season of LHHATL we have seen Joseline constantly accusing the Grammy Award winning artist of cheating. I guess it’s true when people say that you should always be worry of people constantly accusing of things, because they are probably doing it.

This could also be a stunt, to eliminate all “fake marriage” allegations. Whatever it is, I just can’t wait to hear Joseline’s response.


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