Stick Foundation : Cool or Lazy?

Are you a lover of foundation?  Would you try stick foundation? Keep reading for more!


Stick foundation is the latest way to help with the application of your face’s base, when it comes to makeup. Prior to its rise and invention, you were limited to liquid foundation. Even before the liquid, you were stuck with powder foundation. The two previous versions of foundation were great for their time, but they also had flaws. Below are some benefits to try stick foundation.

stick foundation by Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown

Spill Proof

Your stick foundation will not leak everywhere. It is in the form of a stick, similar to lip balm. Even if the temperature gets a little warm, the foundation will not drip all over the place. With liquid foundation, if the top is not secure, you will have a gooey mess. If your foundation is a powder, you are still not safe. The spill of a powder would be easier to clean, but as soon as your hand bag opens, the cloud of cakey dust will tell others of the spill.

stick foundation by Anastasia
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Easy to Use

In a nutshell, stick foundation is very easy to use. Simple push or roll out the amount you will need and apply to the face. You can blend with whatever tool you like.



With the stick, you will only use what you need. Thus, the result is being cost efficient. With the liquid, if it does not have a pump, will cause you to pour out more than you may need. The result would literally be a waste. The pump makes it better, but if you pump out too much liquid foundation, you cannot undo the waste. Think about the cost per swipe. The savings will be better because your foundation is in a stick.

stick foundation by NYX

Give stick foundation at try. You can never have too many options when it comes to serving a good beat. If you don’t like it, you can always return it. However, the benefits of using a stick foundation will make that unlikely.

J Holloway

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