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Stokley of Mint Condition Makes His Solo Debut

Stokley of Mint Condition Makes His Solo Debut

Stokley Williams

After over twenty-five years in the music industry, Stokley Williams has finally decided to take a few steps forward into the spotlight. He is embarking on a solo career, a move that he has planned for years. Unphased by the many successes in his career, Stokley is one of the few artists who is truly driven simply by the love of music. It is his passion that has kept him in the music game for so long, and the reason his talent has endured the test of time.

The two-time Grammy nominated R&B

artist has managed to stay close with his group, Mint Condition, while creating influential music with some of the best in the music industry. He’s been the lead vocalist for the group for over two decades while working on his solo project on and off for years. Stokley has always chosen to make his commitment to Mint Condition and helping other artists his top priority. Now it’s his time. According to Stokley, going solo for him is “a natural progression as far as artistry”.

Stokley recently released his first single as a solo artist in early March. The single is called “Level” and is featured on his upcoming album Introducing. “Level” is like a classic.


It’s a song that embodies the soul that music had back in the day, while still having a contemporary feel. The song has the ability to appeal to generation after generation and isn’t chained to one era. Who wouldn’t want a Stokley Williams record playing at their birthday party, graduation party, wedding reception, or anniversary celebration? The instrumentals of the song are euphoric and Stokley’s voice is as smooth as ever, but that’s expected for him.

The body of work that Stokley has cooked up for the world to hear is everything that he thinks is missing in music.

The album features collaborations with Grammy-winning jazz pianist Robert Glasper, singer Estelle, and rapper Wale. As a veteran in the music industry, who better to give the people what they need to hear than him? He’s received a world-class education in music through his experiences with Mint Condition and decades of working with some of the top artists. These names include Jill Scott, Kelly Price, Usher, and the late Prince or The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

Believe it or not, Stokley is turning 50 this year. Not only has he managed to maintain his voice and sound the same as he did over twenty years ago, he also hasn’t aged much physically. Stokley swears he hasn’t been practicing voodoo or drinking from the fountain of youth, but how else can you explain looking at photographs of him throughout the years and never seeing any signs of aging. He says that he works out and keeps a good diet. Witchcraft sounds like a better explanation, but we’ll let Stokley have this one. He maintains his body through high-intensity training, yoga, and Pilates. He also makes sure to drink lots of water and abstains from soda. Stokley likes to eat clean and provide the right kind of fuel for his body. His diet is closer to the pescatarian side of the spectrum, with a lot of seafood but no shellfish.

Keeping the body right is one thing, but how does Stokley stay so stylish? Stokley’s rules of fashion are simple,he likes to stay clean.

He doesn’t mind buying off the rack but prefers clothes to be altered so that he can have them exactly how he likes. Stokley is drawn to asymmetrical cuts and feels that they proved balance to him. He also thinks of himself as a fashion chameleon, being able to adorn his body with different garments at a whim. Stokley isn’t afraid to switch it up and wear a poncho or dashiki while rocking a cowboy hat.

Technically, Stokley is considered a new artist even though he’s definitely not new to the music industry. His hunger and drive have kept him pushing and stopped him from fading away. He embraces growth in his career and isn’t afraid to take a chance that will eventually pay off. Stokley plans on creating more records for as long as he can. He also wants to start developing artists, scoring moves, and possibly venturing into the fashion industry. Stokley is just getting started, so pay attention or you might miss out.


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