“Storks” Movie “Delivers” A Fantastically Heartwarming Hit!

2016 has delivered some pretty amazing hits in the realm of fantasy. In just nine months we have seen epic battles between superheroes, supervillains saving the world, homes for children with “peculiar” powers, and now storks are back to delivering babies! Yep, you read right! a new movie takes a spin on a classic fairy tale of storks delivering babies with a modern twist. In Storks, the modern day delivery birds are out of the baby business and have sort of become a fantasy version of Amazondelivering packages worldwide with speed and efficiency.

The best delivery bird among them is none other than Junior (Andy Samberg). Junior receives the chance of a lifetime when he is offered the chance to become the boss bird of the Storks’ delivery company by his supervisor, Hunter (Kelsey Grammer), who is ready to move up in the world himself. There is just one problem–he has to fire the orphan, Tulip, a teenage (and annoyingly awkward) human girl who lives among them after her the beacon that would have led them to her family was destroyed.

When Tulip answers a letter from a human boy requesting a little brother; she unwittingly reactivates the Storks’ baby making machine and creates a new human baby! Junior feeling responsible for the mishap and wanting to keep his promotion opts to deliver the child himself and set things right before Hunter finds out. He and Tulip go on a hilarious adventure to get the child to its family. Along the way, they learn what it truly means to be a family and the world is never the same again!

This has to be one of the best animated films I have ever seen. Babies really are magic and this movie just reminds us of how precious their little lives are. We have to warn you though it is a tearjerker and surprisingly progressive and inclusive in its definition of family. It is a beautiful and diverse world, and Storks just reminded us of how amazing that is! Catch Storks at a theater near you today in theaters nationwide!

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