“Into The Storm” or End of The World!?

“Into The Storm” is the latest film to show the true wrath of Mother Nature! This film has no action stars, no stunt doubles, super villains, or flashy cars. However, it has lighting, tornadoes, widespread death and destruction, and a body count so high you would think you were watching a season of HBO’s “True Blood!” Set in the fictional town of “Silverton,” over the span of a day; the area is decimated by an unprecendented number of tornadoes. There are so many that the town looks like an apocalypse!

This will be one exciting film as it once again shows the point of view of storm chasers–people who make their living by getting up close pictures of life threatening storms. Although it sounds simple enough, it is hard to focus a camera when you could possibly be sucked into a vortex. Interestingly, Steven Quale, the director of “Into The Storm” also directed “Final Destination 5.” This could be possibly be a clue that there will be some gory deaths in this film, maybe “Final Destination” style. From the trailers, and the looks of those twisters some one is bound to die –and violently!


Summer 2014 has definitely had its heavy hitters. I beleive this film when take it out with a bang. Sure it does not have all the truly Sci-Fi perks of alien robots, mutants, or Super Soldiers; but what is more realistic and scary than a tornado? Especially, when you consider that given the proper conditions this could happen anytime and anywhere. Storms are the most dangerous and common forms of Mother Nature reminding mankind that planet Earth is hers alone! “Into The Storm” is going into the box office as a guaranteed hit! Look out “2012” a new flick is coming for you! Catch “Into The Storm” in the theaters everywhere August 8th!


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