Straight Outta Compton to a Straight Out Hit!

The music, the controversy, the brotherhood–Straight Outta Compton is the defining film of 2015. If you ever thought you knew all there is to know about N.W.A., then think again because this film sheds light on everything. The biopic centers around Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson, Jr.), Dr. Dre (Corey Hawkins), and Eazy-E (Jason Mitchell) as they rose from obscurity, oppression, and violence in the ghetto of Compton, California to become rap icons and form a group that personified a generation. Besides learning more about each of the artists personal struggles we get to know more about other members of N.W.A. like DJ Yella and MC Ren.  The film begins with an epic drug run from Eazy-E that sets a tone for the film–do or die! As the film progresses we see each rapper follow their own paths to greatness, all the while struggling to keep their brotherhood intact in the face of fame.


The music in this film is truly epic. You really feel like you are right there with N.W.A. and their fans as they perform hits like Fuck The Police or when Ice Cube spits the ultimate diss track, No Vaseline! However, even beyond the music is the stellar performance of the actors. They were PHENOMENAL! Nevertheless, it is Ice Cube’s own son, O’Shea Jackson, Jr. AKA OMG, who steals the film. Casting for his role was dead on! He looks, acts, and sounds exactly like his famous father. We are definitely hoping to see him in more films and soon. If there was ever an homage to gangsta rap, or just rap in general, this film is it. Every single rapper who reigns on the Billboard charts today owes their success to a group of guys “Straight Outta Compton!” Be sure you see this film a good three or four times and grab their albums off Ebay. Take note Lifetime and Wendy Williams, this is how you do a biopic!


Check out Straight Outta Compton tomorrow in theaters everywhere nationwide!


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