Strap Up

On a light and easy day, with not much to do, holding your new lovely handbag will not become a task. You will have the elegance of Grace Kelly, the lightheartedness of Holly Golightly, the nice bag equal to any Kardashian and the walk of Naomi Campbell just going about your day effortlessly. But what happens the next day when you lose all of that carefree attitude due to a hectic work schedule? The only thing you may manage to maintain from the previous mentioned fantasy is the handbag. However, you cannot hold the bag, what are you to do? The solution is simple, get a strap!

Fendi strap

When it comes to handbags, the options you have are handle or hands free. Fashion houses are now making straps for your handbags that give the option of more personalization. Traditionally, when you buy a bag that has the removable strap option, the strap is just standard and not special. Times have changed.

Fendi strap

In order to stand out now, you can change the color of your strap, when compared to the rest of your bag. You can also change from plain leather to an exotic skin. Fendi seems to be the front runner in creating new methods of personalizing handbags that are sold to the masses. Being able to add personality to the much needed bag will give the handbag a whole new life.

Valentino strap

If you do not have thousands of dollars to spend on straps to make your bag more “you”, do not worry. Other designers have taken note and have also jumped on the wagon to create interchangeable straps for handbags. If you want to have a different color strap when compared to the handbag itself or mix designers, now you can. Variety is the spice of life and a great way to handle being hands free with your handbag.

Rebecca Minkoff strap
Rebecca Minkoff

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