Strike It Rich : New Nail Colors for Spring

Spring time is the perfect time to try some new nail colors. Below, you will find some new ways to express your mood via your nails. There is a nail color for every day of the week.

So Monday is here and you need a way to brighten the start of your work week. The best nail color to try is Never A Dulles Moment. This color is part of OPI’s Washington DC line, which is based on the character Olivia Pope of ABC’s Scandal. This bright and vibrant color is sure to make you a Gladiator on everybody’s least favorite day.

OPI never a dulles moment nail polish
OPI Never A Dulles Moment

Time to switch your nail color for a terrific Tuesday. No clue what to wear? Don’t worry because the best polish that will be great is Christian Louboutin’s Batignolles. It’s a nice teal-ish color that is lovely for spring time. Batignolles is the perfect color to brighten your Tuesday.

Christian Louboutin Batignolles nail polish
Christian Louboutin Batignolles

Hump Day is everyone’s favorite day and why not show off with a new nail color that will get everyone’s attention. Chanel’s Le Vernis Longwear color Espadrilles is a wonderful pick. This bright orange color is sure to pop and garner some fans. The color is a winner for celebrating the middle of the week.

Chanel Le Vernis Espadrille nail polish
Chanel Espadrille

Still happy over your nail color from yesterday, but want something a little lighter? Try out OPI’s No Tan Lines. This is a mix of orange and peach to produce a light color with just enough pop. It is sure to draw a crowd too.

OPI no tan lines nail polish
OPI no tan lines

Friday is here and you are ready to start the end of the work week in a fun way. The best nail color to pick for the celebration is Bengali by Christian Louboutin. This bold color is a fusion of pink and fuchsia. The bold color is highly vibrant and can help ring in the weekend. Try it!

Christian Louboutin Bengali nail polish
Christian Louboutin Bengali

Now that your work week is over, you have your freedom. The best way to celebrate this temporary for of freedom is with a color by Essie called On the Roadie. The color is great for just lounging at home or actually going out and about. This shade of green is sure to bring envy around from those with just plain nails.

Essie On the Roadie nail polish
Essie On the Roadie

As the weekend comes to a close, its best to try something just as cool and cute as the other colors, but also something conservative. This color is great for Sunday service or a brunch date, with mimosas. The color is Tulle and it is part of Chanel’s Le Vernis Longwear collection. This color is soft and pretty, just like a spring time rose.

Chanel Le Vernis Tulle nail polish
Chanel Tulle

The great thing about the nail colors is that you are sure to find something nice, bold, and springtime ready. They don’t even have to be worn in the order above. Also, if you find a color that you love, you can simply stick with that particular color for the spring season. The possibilities are endless. You can apply the colors yourself or take them to a professional. The key is to have fun with color for spring.

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