Study Claims Listening to Beyoncé Makes You Dumb

If you thought that listening to Beyoncé makes you a proactive feminist, then think again. According to an ongoing study by software developer Virgil Griffith, Beyoncé fans are at the bottom of the IQ list when comparing SAT scores to musical tastes.

The study heavily favors fans of country and rock music, who had higher test scores than those tuning into hip-hop, gospel, or basically anything in the “urban” music genre. This automatically raises the question as to whether or not the research backing Griffith’s claims was thoroughly conducted, and what other factors were considered when concluding that essentially a large number of millenials are bumbling idiots.

Needless to say, we don’t agree with Griffith’s claims. When he proves that he can belt Beyoncé lyrics and perform her eight counts all while studying for an exam, then perhaps this can be a conversation worth having.

Check out the chart to see where you rank.


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