Style File: A Chat with Charlotte Welch of Michael Costello

Akeem J.
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With fashion week winding down and the industry racing to prepare for the Spring 2016 shows, we were lucky enough to have a chance to chat with House of Borel stylist, and V.P. of the luxurious brand, Michael Costello, Charlotte Welch. During our chat, Charlotte shared her thoughts on style, her current work with House of Borel, her time spent with Michael Costello, and the future of the M.C. fashion house.

unnamed (1)(1)“I started with the House of Borel in November of 2012 and began working with them as the liaison for the fashion industry. I helped find our factories and collaborated with Claire Borel [the founder], and creative director, Natalie Crane, on what designs I thought that our women would want in the coming seasons…I am so lucky to have found the House of Borel because I found a team to work with that had a similar vision of high quality,[and] cleanly branded accessories for the modern, stylish women of the United States…Technology plays a big role in what we do, but it’s about creating something that will be able to fit what’s going on now….We have purses that can double as lap-top bags, but still look chic.”

Among the most influential designers of his generation, Michael’s eye for drape and keen understanding of what creates that irresistible “it factor” has everyone trying to add the Costello element to their collection.
“Michael’s spring 2016 is a celebration of seducing beauty…We really focused on bringing out a look that could take peoples breath away…Michael went to Europe for the first time this past year and got inspiration from a whole new type of woman…Seeing the Cannes red carpet and watching the biggest movie stars in the world arrive with all this grace and flare really inspired him to build a collection around the heart of Hollywood glamour, but with an edge. When people think Michael Costello spring 2016 we want them to think of a highly desired woman who has struck the perfect balance between feminine and sultry…Our new backpacks for spring that just premiered on the Michael Costello S/S 2016 runway are really beautiful and fun. I also love our Cairo Cleo it is one of my favorite colors–a golden yellow that really gives any outfit a great pop.”

Michael Costello Runway
Michael Costello Runway

After having conducted many interviews, I always make a note to ask what makes a stylist a good one. The answer to that seems to be perspective, imagination and an eye for detail.
“As a stylist I focus on how to bring the details together so that with a collection we can achieve the vision we set out to create…I do this with private clients for wardrobes, or events, and I do it with designing for House of Borel and Michael Costello…The best part of being a stylist is being that person that gets to help bring something to life. To me, everything is in the details, from the color tone of hardware going on a bag, to the lineup of the looks for a fashion show. It is all about how someone will get to experience what I have been working on behind the scenes for months.”


I think it is equally important to know the faux-pas, as well as the ideal fashions, in order to develop great personal style. Charlotte and I have similar views on fashion–neither of us put too much emphasis on trends.

Michael Costell Runway
Michael Costello Runway

“My fashion faux pas? When something doesn’t fit right…Whether it is too big or too small.
I hate when people don’t tailor things to fit them. It is one of the reasons I don’t bother with trends, it is all about fit – whether it needs to be the right style to fit your personality or whether it needs to be brought in at the waist to fit your body, your clothes and accessories should be highlighting your essence. Too much makeup is another one. No one should ever look like they are wearing A LOT of makeup in my opinion. Use makeup to highlight your features, not mask them…Not finishing a look is probably the last one. Shoes, bags and jewelry should always be used to bring your look together. Whether it is the absence of a necklace to help show off a neckline, or a pop of color bag to help catch the eye for an all-black outfit. It’s important to remember that style comes from bringing a look together and making it feel complete, so when someone looks at you, you have already communicated a first impression that has something to say.”

You can find out more about Charlotte’s amazing work  and get the full scoop on House of Borel on their site


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