Style Kontrol X Michael Rainey Jr.

Michael Rainey Jr., some may know him as Tariq St. Patrick on the Starz hit series Power.  On the show, Michael plays the son of Omari Hardwick “Ghost” and Naturi Naughton “Tasha.”

Michael Rainey Jr.
Scene from Starz Tv Series Power Tariq “Michael Rainey Jr.” and Ghost “Omari Hardwick”

On the show, the character Tariq is always seen wearing the freshest clothes and the dopest kicks. What you may not know is, that even off screen we can expect nothing like less because Michael definitely brings it.

That’s right no one can deny that the young actor is it! He has a certain je ne sais quoi. A certain it factor like the talent, the look, the swag, and of course the style!

Michael Rainey Jr.
Michael Rainey Jr. wearing Designer @edwingdangelo stylist @estylz77 Image courtesy of Instagram

All of these factors combined make him a reflection of style Kontrol. Style Kontrol is someone who takes control of their own style. A person who is not taking style cues from someone, but rather setting the trends and following their own rules. At such a young age he does just that.

Check out some of our favorite looks of Michael Rainey and his bomb swag! He is definitely giving us style Kontrol Vibes all day.

Style Kontrol

Michael Rainey Jr.
Michael Rainey Jr. Image courtesy of Instagram


Michael Rainey Jr.
Michael Rainey Jr. Image courtesy of Instagram

What are your thoughts? Hot or Hmm? Name one of your favorite celebrities that takes control over their own style.

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