Style Spy: Stylish vs. Fashionable

It’s that time of week again! Style Spy time! Ever walk past someone in the streets and think to yourself how much you like what they have on! Style Spy is exactly that! Capturing that instance in which paths are crossed and you scope out a person or people solely because of their style, their originality, the way they are carrying themselves, are the clothes wearing them or are they wearing those clothes! Style and clothing play such a major part in society. Not fashionable but instead stylish! Fashion unfortunately comes and goes with the seasons as trends go through their designated cycles. Style is truly what separates one person from another. Regardless if they are wearing the same articles of clothing a person’s style can make the outfit look completely different. Style is how you show your personality and even mood without ever opening your mouth for a single word. People don’t always understand how important what you wear is to the world. So wear what you want, but still wear it well. It’s not all about brands but how you make your own brand, and you never know when a style spy will be out and about or on social media. This week’s Style Spy fave four goes to…







Tenekeyia Esjuante

Fashion & Beauty Writer

Raised all over the world thanks to the Army, but roots are in Alabama. Had a passion for fashion and writing for as long as can remember. Currently a sophomore attending the Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, GA; majoring in Fashion Marketing & Management/ minoring in Advertising Copywriting.

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