Lizzo Sheer Dress

Style Talk: Lizzo and the Sheer Dress

Pop-star Lizzo wore a sheer dress to Cardi-B’s birthday event this past weekend. A sheer dress is a unique subject in fashion and is very risky thing to pull off successfully. The sheer dress Lizzo wore at Cardi B’s birthday party this past weekend has garnered more attention than the event itself. While opinions on Lizzo’s look vary from approval to some considering it a fashion disaster, I wanted to touch on the key points of wearing a sheer dress. This is less about what she wore and more about how she wore what she wore. Before I get to my style analysis, I’ll say that the blame is more in Lizzo’s stylist and not necessarily her alone. A sheer dress isn’t an impossible look to pull off, it is however something that requires some amount of thought.

A sheer dress is no easy feat. Lizzo’s sheer dress was designed by Matthew Reisman.

Any reputable style expert knows that the successful execution of any look has less to do with certain factors. Stylists are image advisors and the client’s best look is their sole priority. The main factors of execution have less to do with weight and everything to do with proportions, dimensions and silhouette. How small or large you are ultimately has nothing to do with how your outfit will look once it’s on your body. This is one of the reasons why certain things look different on certain people. Is the design world, this would be called draping.

The success in any look is rooted in the execution and that’s centered around how your body is built. So that leaves the question–how well do you know your body. Or in Lizzo’s case—how well did her stylist know her body? (If she had one). I say this because a lot of people don’t seem to understand how this works, the topic of sheer dresses becomes more about weight and size, leaving a lot of people feeling scathed or deemed less attractive because they have a fuller build. Things like beauty and attractiveness aren’t attached to a numbers like weight and age.


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